Welcome Prof. Jun Ao, Guilin University Of Electronic Technology, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Jun Ao, Guilin University Of Electronic Technology, China

敖珺(1978.9-),女,2008 年6月获西安电子科技大学信号与信息处理专业博士学位。现为桂林电子科技大学教授,博士生导师。长期从事水下光通信技术,水下成像,信号与信息处理,纠错编码等方面的研究工作。主持并参与包括国家973项目,国防预研重大专项,国防科技委前沿创新专项,国家自然科学基金,国防预研基金,军事公共基金等三十余项科研项目。研究成果包括:在国内外权威刊物和国际学术会议上发表论文100余篇,被SCI,EI收录60余篇次,获授权发明专利16项,现为总装备部**专家,中国电子学会青年科学家俱乐部会员,中国光学工程学会海洋光学专委会学术委员,鹏城(国家)实验室双聘研究员。
Ao Jun received the Ph.D. degrees in Engineering from the University of XiDian, China, in 2018. Currently as Professor  and PhD supervision in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at Guilin University Of Electronic Technology. Since 2020, she has been a Bilateral Contractual Senior Researcher at the PengCheng National Laboratory in Shenzhen. Her research interests include ocean optics,  free space optical communication, underwater image processing, laser transmission in water, ocean lidar. She has authored more than 80 peer-reviewed publications in these areas, and has been a researcher in more than fifty national and international research projects.

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