2024 4th International Symposium on Computer Technology and Information Science (ISCTIS 2024)

Welcome Prof. Jinye Peng, NorthWest University, China to be the Conference General Chair!

Currently, he is the dean of the School of Information Science and Technology and the dean of the School of Software of Northwestern University, the head of the innovation team of the Ministry of Education for the digital protection and dissemination of cultural heritage, the head of the innovation team of Sanqin Scholars of Shaanxi Province for the digital protection of cultural heritage, the outstanding talent of the Ministry of Education for the New Century, the Sanqin Scholars of Shaanxi Province, the famous teacher of Shaanxi Province, the deputy director of the National Local Joint Engineering Research Centre for the Digitalisation of Cultural Heritage, the director of the Silk Road Director of Collaborative Innovation Centre for Digital Protection and Inheritance of Cultural Heritage, Director of Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Cultural Inheritance in Xi'an. He is also the director of China Computer Automatic Measurement and Control Technology Association, the vice president of Shaanxi Image Graphics Society, the vice president of Shaanxi Biomedical Engineering Society, the vice president of Shaanxi Quantum Communication Industry Association, and the director of Media Computing Special Committee of Shaanxi Computer Society. He is engaged in the research and teaching of intelligent information processing, quantum information processing, and digital protection technology of cultural relics. He has presided over more than 20 scientific research projects, including the national key research and development project of "Demonstration of Technology Integration and Application for Inheritance and Development and Utilisation of Ethnic and Folk Cultural Resources" and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published a number of academic papers in domestic and international journals such as IEEE TIP, TMM, TKDE, TITB, Journal of Cultural Heritage, Science in China, and important international academic conferences such as CVPR, WWW, IJCAI, etc., and has been granted more than 20 patents for invention, of which 5 have been transformed into applications, and has been awarded the Second Prize of the National Achievements in Teaching and Second Prize of the Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi Province. The second prize of National Teaching Achievements, the second prize of Shaanxi Province Science and Technology, and other teaching and research awards.